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Fri, Apr 14



"Dive Into The Sacred”

Three days of profound transformation and of musical togetherness will transport us to the heights of our potential as blissful humans.

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"Dive Into The Sacred”
"Dive Into The Sacred”

Time & Location

Apr 14, 2023, 6:00 PM – Apr 16, 2023, 12:00 PM


About the event

Dive into the Sacred with Eostar and Mathias on April 14th-16th at Pirified!  

Eostar and Mathias are North San Francisco Bay Area-based musicians, songwriters, master guitarists, sacred song carriers, and sacred plant-medicine ceremonial facilitators who also teach breathwork and yoga.

The full week-end retreat package (25% off) includes 2 over-nights (Friday and Saturday) at Pirified:  


You can also attend the programs individually: 

See the schedule below for details

  • Friday eve program: $100
  • Saturday morning program: $100
  • Saturday eve program: $100
  • Sunday Morning Program: $100

Bring your instruments for spontaneous music jams and song sharing during the days and evenings.

Food is not included in the above prices. Please bring some food to share and enjoy communal meals, or you can also find excellent cafes and restaurants nearby.

Eostar and Mathias

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Eostar and Mathias have been submersed in the Bhakti, tribal, conscious, and medicine music subculture collectively for over three decades.  Hungarian-born Eostar Kamala channels deep lyrics and original songs from the mystical muse.  Mathias delivers masterful transcendental guitar improvisations that take the listener on an inward journey.   Eostar and Mathias’s voices and guitars blend together with a refined sound of unity.  Together, “Eostar and Mathias“ have been known to induce both deep trance and/or ecstatic dance bliss states.   Audiences depart with hearts wide open and connected to the higher source within.

Alongside having a professional music career, Eostar and Mathias are also facilitators of sacred plant medicine ceremonies.  Eostar brings her own original ceremonial songs to the altar and bundles them together with traditional medicine songs from South America as well as from her Peruvian mentor Alonso Del Rio.  Eostar and Mathias’ concerts are often coupled with Cacao Ceremonies and Blue Lotus flower ceremonies, bringing in the various flavors of ceremonial containers from around the world.

Eostar and Mathias have performed at major festivals along the West Coast including Bhakti Fest, Prana Fest, Oregon Country Fair, Peace Village, Inlakesh Fest, and Harmony Festival, and have toured internationally.

In 2010 Eostar and Mathias founded WEB of ONE – a 5 piece original, psychedelic, devotional, transcendental dance-rock fusion band. They published an album titled “West Coast Alive” (2012) – a collection of high-quality live performance recordings.

Their debut studio album “Illuminate” was released in 2016.

ILLUMINATE draws on a wide range of spiritual and musical traditions,  songs at once expansive and intimate.   Weaving together musical instruments from around the world, cradled in an overtly western psychedelic rock foundation, Illuminate draws the listener into a deep sonic experience with a richness that continues to reveal itself through many listens.

BLUE LOTUS flower tea:

Highly valued by ancient cultures for its "mystical properties" and magical powers, Blue Lotus encourages spiritual growth and enlightenment and 'neutralizes' the feelings of gravity, space, and time. A Golden Spiral connecting us to our creator at a time when Earth is moving into a higher paradigm of existence, Blue Lotus offers a powerful re-connection and re-aligning to our Higher self, allowing safe passage to spiritual awakening.


You might have heard cacao being referred to as a superfood, this is due to the fact that it is high in antioxidants, and is an excellent source of magnesium, calcium, and iron.

Cacao also contains Theobromine, a chemical that acts similarly to caffeine but rather than stimulating the nervous system and giving you the coffee jitters it stimulates the cardiovascular system to make you feel alert yet relaxed at the same time.

On a more metaphysical level, cacao also contains a chemical sometimes referred to as the ‘bliss molecule’. Anandamide from the Sanskrit word ‘ananda’ meaning bliss, is a neurotransmitter found naturally in the brain. Cacao is the only food that contains anandamide, which triggers the release of dopamine in the brain giving it mood-enhancing properties.

When you add into the equation the ancient belief held by the Maya and most ancient civilizations that plants are spiritual beings just as we are, you can start to understand the sacred place cacao holds in not only ancient cultures but also in our modern spiritual subculture.

In a traditional shamanic cacao ceremony, the cacao is used as a tool to help us go deeper into our natural connection with nature and ultimately ourselves.

Every cacao ceremony we hold will be slightly different depending on the group and who is leading it.  Before the cacao is drunk, personal intentions are set.  Then we drink our cup of cacao together at the same time.  This ritual is followed by various activities and our blissful heart-opening music that inspires connection with self and with the group, ultimately achieving a “hive-mind” state of togetherness.


  • 1 hour

    Arrival (settling in)


  • 2 hours

    Breathwork and Sound Healing Journey

    Ceremony Room
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