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Holy Wild is an artisanal brand of wellness goods that are hand-crafted in ritual. We make everything in small batches, with love & intention, using organic & ethically sourced materials.

Our mission is to empower people to lead courageous & heart-centered lives that embrace the holy and wild within, through working with Plant Spirit Medicine.

Plant Spirit Medicine empowers us to reclaim our power to create consciously, and returns us to our innate connection to nature. We believe that humans are powerful beings, and that when we connect to and work with Plant Intelligence we can create a beneficial & harmonious reality.

We love the natural world and source materials that are environmentally friendly whenever possible. Doing our part to take care of this beautiful Earth & all living beings, we invest in reforestation through planting trees for every item sold, and donate profits to preserve medicinal herbs from extinction. You can learn more HERE.

Holy Wild

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