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This Smith-Victor LED Ring Light is a great option for photographer and videographers who need a lighting solution that eliminates shadows while producing a soft, flattering illumination. The light’s circular design helps eliminate skin imperfections and adds a healthy glow to your subject’s face.

Powerful Lighting in Any Situation

At full power, this ring light has a color temperature of 5500K and emits steady light similar to broad daylight. However, there’s an included 3000K tungsten diffuser that can be used to match artificial lighting when shooting indoors, too.

For further customization, the light is capable of step-less dimming from 100% strength all the way down to 10% strength. And, even though the light provides powerful illumination, its LED array remains cool to the touch to prevent any discomfort to your subject.

Flexible Mounting Options

The ring light includes a 5/8” receiver for stand mounting but there’s also a built-in accessory shoe that allows a camera to be mounted in the center using an optional adapter which is sold separately. There’s also a hinge so the light’s angle can be adjusted when mounted on a stand.

Smith-Victor LED Ring Light (19 In.)

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