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Kuala Lumpur

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

This city of shopping malls, high rises, night markets, and delicious food pulses with an energy that never sleeps.

As a melting pot of cultures, diversity is on display wherever you look. Hindu temples sit next to Islamic mosques, while Little India blends seamlessly into Chinatown. The decades of rapid development are apparent too - sleek high rises tower over old shop houses in need of repair.

Getting around is easy thanks to abundant public transit, and zipping around on scooters, the transport of choice for many locals.

The food choices are endless, though not always the healthiest - plenty of deep fried treats and sugary drinks tempt you on every corner. Safety and hygiene standards at hawker stalls and street markets are hit or miss, so we stuck to well-rated restaurants to avoid tummy troubles. One thing we missed was being able to cook for ourselves - ovens are a rarity in KL homes where eating out is the norm.

On the upside, medical care is excellent and affordable here. Hospitals are efficient, professional, and far cheaper than back home. Appointments can be had almost immediately, a welcome change from long wait times in the US. We'll definitely return to KL for future healthcare needs!

After enjoying the pace and culture of big city living, we took a quick trip up north to the island of Penang and its capital George Town.

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