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Updated: Oct 12, 2023

After 3 years of creating and running a wellness retreat center in Southern California, we embarked on a a new chapter of exploring the world in search of our next destiny. First stop, Peru!

Rather than sticking to the predictable tourist trail, we wanted a more authentic experience immersing ourselves in the culture and everyday life here. It's been eye-opening, to say the least.

Peru is a country of vivid contrasts. One minute we were awestruck by the majestic mountains of the sacred Valley, marveling at the intricate stonework of the ancient Incan cities high in the Andes, and the next, we're confronting the harsh realities of poverty on the streets of Cusco and Pisac. Yet the warmth and kindness of the people remain constant.

We've been spending most of our time in Pisac, a charming small town in the Sacred Valley known for its bustling artisan market. Every Sunday, vendors descend on the main square to hawk their wares - intricately woven textiles, ceramic figurines, jewelry, and more. Watching them barter with customers while women in traditional Peruvian dress wander

with alpacas in tow never gets old. The relaxed pace of life here is refreshing, and we've loved embracing the local cuisine - who knew roasted guinea pig could taste so good!

Sipping creamy cappuccinos at Masa Mamita, a cafe near Pisac's lively central square, we met fellow travelers from around the globe and enjoyed swapping stories. For dinner, we feasted on Pechuga De Pollo Al Romero, Cuy A Baja, Coccion, and other inventive dishes at La Ruta, a charming restaurant in Pisac serving up organic, locally-sourced fare. And we couldn't leave without sampling the Tai Curry and delectable vegan desert goodies at Sacred Sushi, Pisac's popular plant-based sushi joint known for their Sriracha dragon and teriyaki 'fish' wraps. In artsy San Blas, Cusco, the cozy vegan oasis of Green Point restaurant delighted us with burritos and nachos with guacamole , pumpkin gnocchi, and craft cocktails.

We spent hours sifting through the stalls of alpaca knits, ceramic wares, and woven textiles at Casa de Oso, a fair-trade artisan collective in the heart of Pisac. The quality craftsmanship is incredible. Be sure to introduce yourself the the shopkeeper, Bear, who will take good care of you! Tell him Aniko &Jordet said hi!

One of our favorite moments was marveling at the intricate Incan terracing from high atop the Pisac Ruins, with sweeping views across the entire Sacred Valley. Absolutely breathtaking. We found community and connection at La Pacha, a charming wellness retreat center just outside Pisac that embodies the mindful, spiritual vibe that permeates this magical region.

Our month here in Peru flew by quickly, we feel so grateful for the chance to experience Peru beyond the typical tourist track. The diverse landscapes, flavors, colors and characters have made it an unforgettable adventure!

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