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THROUGH OUR EYES: A quick border run to Singapore.

The city where you are invited to enquire into what “healthy” freedom is, to you, or to society as a whole.

What does a balanced freedom really look like, and where do you and your own values fit within that?

The first impression of Singapore is amazement, admiration and wonder.. how do they do it?

As you spend more time there, the reasons slowly surface and you ask yourself, would we live here?

If yes, why?

-Impeccable attention to cleanliness.

-Unprecedented cleanliness, you can literally eat off of the road. Every restaurant has incredible food, including every single food court stand.

-Unique beautiful futuristic architecture with amazing skyline

-80% of home ownership.

-Efficiency is priority in all areas of life.

-Safety like no other place we have ever experienced.

Sounds like an amazing place right?

This is what the locals shared with us:

-Overworked population.

-Home sizes are incredibly small with tiny living space.

-24/7-365 day surveillance.

-Rules, rules, rules.

-Harsh punishments, including fines and jail time, if caught breaking them.

One of the local taxi drivers described the city as “Singapore is a FINE city… you get fined for everything…”

Coming from the experience of living in the United States, with neglected infrastructure and limited safety, one can’t help but envy Singapore for its effort to maintain peace and prosperity, while also find it difficult to imagine living in a place with so many rules and no room for mistakes.

Please enjoy this montage of photos

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